Glass adhesive use words marketing promotion
keyword / 2017年7月8日

Glass adhesive use words marketing promotion 1the Core word uv glue uv coating uv varnish car repairing varnish uv curing paint ceramic coating uv curing materials liquid glass coating Shadowless glue boat hard plastic glass coating Light repair paint Cartons waterproof coating Wood furniture paint The paper to light oil car repairing uv varnish uv nail gel water based varnish water based nail gel uv lacquer uv adhesive plastic products adhesive glass adhesive   2the Keywords for glass Artificial stone Ceramic tile for Bamboo and wood for glass and glass for glass and metal Curtain coating spraying High temperature resistant Flame retardant fire Stain resistant for any plastic products for Imitation jade for leather for fabric 3Descriptive words High gloss wear-resisting fast cured High strength A baby’s skin tactility waterproof Without a trace Low viscosity Colorless tasteless transparent liquid Safety bonding ,fixture and sealing Long lasting   4Marketing words Sell well in the world To save money Simple process New options hot selling For your custom Limited supply Save healthy Factory direct sale Leading technology Factory supply Best price Sepuna- High Performance Good