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Chinese  Dietary Culture

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China covers a large territory and  enjoy a worldwide reputation as the ‘kingdom of cuisine’

Importance of Diet in Chinese culture. Food is the first necessity of the people.


Nutrition of Chinese diet

Food is the essential supply for one’s health while medicine serves as a rapid solution to one’s sickness.

Chinese food can be roughly divided into eight regional cuisines :

Zhejiang Style,Shandong Style,Fujian Style,Jiangsu Style,Anhui Style,Hunan Style

,Sichuan Style,Guangdong Style


Shandong style

the dishes of shangdong  cuisine feature : freshness and pure flavor.

Jiangsu Style

Jiansu cuisine is particular with materials and makings.

Anhui  Style

Anhui dishes will put more oil, strong color and hight-skill in using fire.

Fujian Style

Fujian cinsine which is pretty in colors and delicious in tastes with seafood as mian materials.

Hunan Style

Hunan dishes are characterized  by hot and soft taste.

Sichuan Style

Sichuan cuisine is well known for its spicy, hot dishes with a wide range of flavorings.



salt ,sugar,ginger ,garlic ,Chinese (wild)  ,pepper ,hot pepper ,curry

,soy sauce ,vinegar ,rice wine ,gourd powder,granulated chicken bouillon


Cooking method




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