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Clothing, part of clothing, specialty, terminology, vocabulary

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Clothing, part of clothing, specialty, terminology, vocabulary


sleeve lining                                   top(under) sleeve lining

sleeve shape ,sleeve style, sleeve modeling                armhole, scye

sleeve cap, sleeve cuff, cuff opening                     single cuff

double cuff, french cuff, turn-up cuff, fold back cuff


one(two) button cuff

convertible cuff                         elstic cuff

rib-knit cuff                            storm cuff

detachable cuff                          imitation cuff

cuff band, cuff strap                      bracelet cuff

strpped cuff                             scalloped cuff

bead cuff



cuff lining

cuff opening, cuff vent, sleeve placket, sleeve slit, sleeve vent

sleeve facing


underarm gusset

elbow patch


sleeve under facing

sleeve overlap

sleeve placket


cutted pieces, cut pieces, cut parts

shrink-proof lining



front yoke


chest, breast, bosom

front stiff

forepart, front, front panel

left (right) forepart

single ( double) breast

opening, placket, open front, cardigan front

full open front

deep placket

bodice, body

body piece

front lining

full(half) lining

detachable lining

zip-out lining


placket front, neckline placket

front opening

slanting front, side opening

crank opening

top fly, front fly, fly, placket, plaquette, button warp, storm flap

front strap, front band, box pleat front, top center plait, top center, placket front, neckline placket

facing strap

french front, plain front, wrap over front, button panel, cover placket

mock fly

fly tongue

under fly, right fly, right front

front facing, facing

front overlap

front edge


bottom, hem, lap, sweep, expansion, suso

square-cut bottom, square front, plain bottom, flat bottom

slant-cut bottom

curve bottom

round bottom

shirttail hem, shirttail

rib bottom

front cut away

front round cut

front square cut, square front

front cut

front cut point


bottom hem

cuff hem

pocket hem

roll-down hem

turn up hem

facing, welt

piped edge, welted edge



centre panel

left (right) side panel

covered edge

tack edge


seam allowance, seam, balance

gorge line

fold line for lapel


eyelet buttonhole

straight end buttonhole, flat buttonhole

fancy buttonhole

mock buttonhole, decoration buttonhole

welt buttonhole

button stand

button position

button distance


front shoulder dart

front waist dart

chest dart, breast dart

neck dart

neckline dart, gorge dart

lapel dart

underarm dart, side dart

side dart

armhole dart

elbow dart

stomach dart

french dart

fish dart

barrel pleating

beehive-pleat skirt

blind pleat

box pleats,,[]

cartridge pleats ,

curved pleat

double pleat

ever pleat

side pleat ,,

soft pleat

sunray pleats ,

stitched pleat


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