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Electric machinery manufacture, trade, business terms

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Electric machinery manufacture, trade, business terms

geared-down motor

motor dynamometer

motor eccentricity

motor effect

motor efficiency

motor element ;

motor enclosure

motor end closure

motor end plate

motor excitation

motor exciting current

motor fan

motor fault

motor fiber

motor fire brigade vehicle ;

motor for boat

motor for kicker and doffer

motor for wood-working

motor foundation

motor frame through bolt

motor frame

motor fuel additive

motor fuel constituent

motor function ;

motor fuse

motor gain

motor gasoline

motor generator arc welder

motor glider

motor grab

motor group

motor head

motor hoist ; ;

motor hotel

motor hull insurance

motor inclosure

motor industry research association (mira)

motor integrating meter

motor interrupter

motor launch

motor line

motor load control (mlc)

motor load

motor lorry (truck)

motor machine

motor magnet

motor manufacturer

motor meter ; ;

motor method ;

motor mount ring

motor mower with binder attachment ;

motor mower with center drive

motor mower with side drive

motor mower ;

motor nozzle

motor nuclei

motor octane number(mon)

motor off switch

motor oil ; ;

motor on-off switch

motor panel

motor performance

motor petrol

motor pinion

motor pitch

motor plough

motor plow

motor point

motor power (output)

motor power

motor press

motor protection against overheat ;

motor protection relay

motor pulley

motor pump (mmp)

motor pump works

motor pump ;

motor rear end plate

motor reducer ; ;

motor reducing gear ;

motor reduction unit

motor reel

motor repair shop

motor repair

motor road

motor room

motor rotor tester

motor rotor

motor saw

motor scooter

motor scraper ;

motor shaft

motor shell

motor ship ; ;

motor side

motor siren ; ;

motor sleigh

motor slide rails

motor slip

motor specification

motor speech area

motor speed control

motor speed controller

motor speed

motor spirit

motor spring

motor sprocket

motor squadron

motor starter ; ; ;

motor starting and control equipment

motor starting characteristic

motor starting rheostat

motor stator

motor steering

motor step

motor stirrer

motor stoppage

motor ; ;

gear-type hydraulic motor

gear-type motor

gear-within-gear motor

general-purpose motor

generator-motor set

gimbal servo motor

gimbaled motor

gimbaling rocket motor

glass reinforced plastic motor lifeboat

governor motor ; ; ; ;

graduation of the motor currents

gramophone motor

grinding head motor for woodworking

grinding head motor

grinding wheel drive motor

gunmetals motor carriage

gyro motor

hand motor

harmonic motor

haulage motor

head motor

heat-pipe motor

heat-resistant motor ;

heavy motor truck

hele-shaw motor ;

hermetic motor ; ;

hermetically sealed motor

hermetically-sealed motor

heteropolar d.c. linear motor

high capacity motor

high frequency motor generator

high power motor

high slip motor

high speed low-noise synchronous motor

high torque ac motor

high torque and low speed motor

high torque motor

high voltage motor

high voltage wound asynchronous motor

high-capacity motor ;

high-compression motor

high-output three-phase induction motor

high-slip induction motor

high-slip motor

high-speed motor

high-speed servo motor

high-tension motor

high-voltage motor

high-voltage synchronous motor

hoisting motor

home motor

homopolar motor

horizontal induction motor

horizontal motor

horizontal-type motor

horse motor

horse-drawn motorized duster ;

hot mill motor

hot motor part detection

hot motoring method

hydraulic control motor

hydraulic motor drive

hydraulic motor sae stall pressure sae

hydraulic motor ; ; ;

hydraulic slave motor

hydraulic stepping motor

hydraulic traversing electric motor

hydraulic-powered wiper motor

hydro-electric motor

hydro-motor jig

hydro-motor ; ; ;

hysteresis motor ;

hysteresis synchronous motor ;

igniter motor

immersed torque motor ;

immersible motor ;

impulse motor ;

impulse stepping motor

increased-safety motor

independent motor drive

individual drive motor

individual-drive motor

induction motor controller

induction motor ;

induction-motor meter

inductor motor ;

inductor type synchronous motor

in-line (plunger) motor

in-line motor ;

in-line plunger motor

inner tube of pneumatic tyre for motor cycle

inside-out motor ;

instrument motor

integral horsepower motor

integrated motor ; ; ;

integrating motor ; ;

internally geared motor

internally ventilated motor

inverse speed motor

inversed repulsion motor ;

inverse-speed motor

inverted motor

inverted repulsion motor ;

iron(-)clad motor

ironless a.c.servo motor

janney motor ;

jazz the motor

jet motor

kick motor

lacour motor

large ac three-phase synchronous motor

large and medium dc motor

large induction motor

large power motor

latour motor

leaf driving motor

leak-proof motor pump

lengthened motor lorry

level-compound excited motor

lift motor

lifting motor

light power motor

light rail motor tractor

lighting motor-generator set

linear electric motor

linear induction motor

linear motor principle

linear motor ;

linear pulse motor ;

linear reluctance motor

linear step motor

linear stepping motor

linear synchronous motor

line-fed motor

line-start motor ; ;

liquid fuel motor

liquid motor fuel

liquid motor

liquid-filled motor

load limit motor

loading motor

lobed rotor motor ;

long hour motor

loom motor

loop motor

low power motor

low speed motor

low speed synchronous motor

low tension motor starter

low tension motor

low-compression motor

lower motor neuron disease

lower motor neuron lesion

lower motor neuron

low-tension motor

luffing motor

lundell motor ;

machine oil pump for motor

magnetic clutch motor

magnetic stepping motor

magnetical stepping motor

magnet-lagging synchronized motor

mail motor truck

main drive motor ;

main mill drive motor

main motor contactor

main motor

marine flame-proof three phase asynchronous motor

marine service motor

marine-land purpose motor –

master motor

medium-sized motor

mercury motor type

metal-clad motor ;

micro-stepping motor

midget motor ;

military motor lorry ;

mill motor

minertial motor

miniature motor


mining motor

mist fan motor ;

mobile motor driven centrifugal pump

model motor ;

modern motor spirit

modutrol motor

monocyclic-start induction motor

monocylicstart induction motor

monophase asynchronous motor

monorail motor crab

monorail motor hoist

motor alternator

motor amplifier

motor analyser ;

motor atomizer

motor auger

motor automatic relay

motor bark remover

motor base (frame)

motor base (mb)

motor base pin

motor base

motor battery

motor bearing

motor bearings

motor bed-plate

motor board

motor boat

motor body

motor bogie

motor brake magnet

motor branch circuit ;

motor brass alloy

motor brass

motor brush ;

motor cabinet

motor cable

motor capacity

motor car fitter

motor car insurance

motor carbon ;

motor carrier

motor case ;

motor casing (frame)

motor casing ;

motor cavity

motor chamber diameter

motor characteristic ;

motor circuit

motor coach

motor combination

motor commutator

motor compressor

motor console

motor constant

motor control relay

motor control ; ;

motor controller

motor cooling jacket

motor cooling

motor coordinating center

motor coupling

motor current-transformer

motor cut-out switch

motor cuts out

motor cycle insurance

motor decussation *

motor disturbance

motor drill

motor drive asphalt pump

motor drive oil lifter

motor drive shaft ;

motor drive type

motor drive ; ;

motor driven blower

motor driven distributor

motor driven hoist

motor driven layer radiographic x-ray apparatus x

motor driven miniature pump set

motor driven psychrometer

motor driven pump

motor driven saw

motor driven sludge excavator

motor driven slush pump

motor driven starter

motor driven switch

motor driven turbine pump

motor driven welding machine ;

motor driving time relay

motor dynamo unit

motor dynamo ;




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