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electric power manufacture, trade, business terms

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electric power manufacture, trade, business terms

motor power-factor stator

impedance power-angle voltage grade

: active load/PLoad reactive load tap position

resistor reactance conductance

susceptance :upper limit lower limit

positive sequence impedance negative sequence impedance
zero sequence impedance

reactive power  power factor  reactive current

slope  rating  ratio

reference value  PT  tap

simulation analysis  droop rate  transfer function

block diagram  receive-side  synchronization

circuit breaker  swing  damping

Brusless DC motor ()Isolator  generator terminal
power system  generator  excitation

excitor  voltage  current

step-up transformer  bus  transformer

no-load loss iron loss copper loss

no-load current reactive loss active loss

power transmission system

high side  transmission line

: high voltage low voltage middle voltage

angle stability  stability  voltage stability

transient stability  power plant  power transfer

AC  DC  power system

drop point  switch station  regulation

high voltage shunt reactor apposable  margin

fault  three phase fault tap

generator triping  high limited value  static (state)

dynamic (state)  AVR  reactance

resistance  power angle  active power

Capacitor Reactor Breaker


transformer substation

Permanent-magnet Synchronism Motor

Asynchronous Motor

three-column transformer ThrClnTrans

double-column transformer DblClmnTrans

fixed series capacitor compensation

double-circuit lines on the same tower

one machine – infinity bus system


magnetizing current  degree of compensation

Electromagnetic fields  loss of synchronization

installed capacity  reactive power compensation

fault clearing time  critical clearing time

reinforced excitation shunt capacitor

droop characteristics  LDC(line drop compensation)


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