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Flower and fruit Sale  development,problem and  measures  to  improve  of  horticultural  products.

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Current  situation  of  fruit  products

China is the world’s largest fruit producing country. At present, the total fruit output has exceeded 60 million tons, accounting for about 14% of the world’s output. It has become the third largest product after grain and vegetable production in China.

However, the quality of fruit, the types and quality of the processed products in China have a big gap compared with the developed countries in the international market. The annual export volume of fresh frozen fruit accounts for only 1.2% of the total domestic output, and the selling price is only about half of the international average selling price. The root cause is the poor fruit quality.


Current  situation  of  flower  products

China’s flower sales highest year reached 54 billion yuan, but more than 80% foliage plants, green seedlings and grass, fresh cut flowers and potted plant proportion co..

The area of flower cultivation in China ranks first in the world, but the proportion of total flowers in the international market is about 3%. Most of the flowers in China’s large and medium-sized cities are more than 60% of the total flowers.

Horticultural products have the characteristics of fresh and perishable, not resistant to storage and transportation, strong production season, small coefficient of consumption elasticity, high investment, natural risk and market risk. At present, under the new situation, there are still some outstanding problems.


What can we do?

tailor to local conditions,develop characteristic horticulture industry

Adopt different strategies to promote market competitiveness

implement brand strategy,to safeguard the healthy development of horticultural industry

Strengthen marketing, maintain the sustainable development of industry

Scientific farming,sustainable development



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