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Glossary, English, foreign trade terminology(glass)

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Glossary, English, foreign trade terminology


furniture glass
appliance glass
safety glass / security glass
silver glass
aluminum glass
low-e glass
Sun-e glass
tinted glass/stained glass
photochromic glass
architectural glass
vacuum glass
heat reflecting glass
heat absorbing glass
ITO ITO conductive glass
glass processing
tempered glass/ toughened glass/ strengthened glass
Semi-tempered glass
insulating glass/hollow glass
laminated glass
fire-resistant glass/fireproof glass
armored glass / ballistic resistant glass
Bullet-proof Glass
automotive glass
coated glass/coating glass
optical glass
hot bending glass/ thermal bending glass
silk printing glass
thermal glass
photoelectric glass
instrument glass
windshield glass
Glass Curtain Wall/glass facade
sheet glass
flat glass/ sheet glass/ plate glass
float glass
glaverbel glass
rolling glass
ultra-white glass/ultra clear glass
ultra-thin sheet glass
tawny glass
blue glass
gray glass

art glass
patterned glass / figured glass
hot-melt glass
Wired glass
decoration glass
colored glazing glass
stained glass
stained glass
polycrystalline glass
sandblasting glass
ice glass
textured glass
special glass
smart glass
crystallite glass
quartz glass /
anti-dazzle glass / glare-reducing glass/anti-glare glass
nanometer glass
liquid crystal glass
Acrylic glass
high borosilicate glass
Self-cleanness Glass
Emulsification Glass
Fireproof Glass
Shining Glass
anti-bacterial Glass
Nanometer Glass
Organic Glass
Infrared Transmission Glass
glass machinery
toughening furnace
annealing furnace
edge grinding machine
cutting machine
washing machine/cleaning machine
drilling machine
detection equipment
sandblasting machine
beveling machine
processing line for laminated glass / multiple glass / triple glass interlayer glass
the processing line of insulating glass
sucker / sucking disk / osculate
glass tool
glass mould/pattern
water borehole abrasive wheel
Wooden Pallet
Wooden Box
Air Cushion Film
Recycle Case
Iron Shelf
chemical materials , accessories
glass printing oil
glass pigment colour
glass adhesive coating
glass oil paint
polishing powder/ burnishing powder
shadow less glue
non-fingerprint glass
ice sculpture glass / ice carving glass
Ferro cement printing machine
mechanical parts, supplementary means
grinding wheel
polishing wheel
diamond wheel
resin wheel
glass cutter / glazing knife
shadowless lamp


Thermal conductivity coefficient specific gravity
Smart glass
Soda lime glass
Scrap glass
Sealed insulating glass
Rolllde glass
Photochromic glass
Reflective glass
Polished plate glass
Low-emissivity glass
Hot melt butyl
Glass furnace
Glass curtain wull
Heat-strengthened glass
Heat-treatde glass
Flint glass
Enamel glass
Curved glass
Curtain wall
Clear glass
Anneded glass
Blown ware
Borosilicate glass
Aluminosilicate glass
Quartz sand

farun glass

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