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    Packaging trade vocabulary and business words

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Packaging trade vocabulary and business words

gift package

wood platen packaging

drum package

blister packaging

blister packaging machine

ser package

aerosol packaging

automaic packaging machine

dairy packaging machine

flexible package

food packaging

packaging material for food

food container

shrink packaging


radiation resistant packaging

electrostaticsproof packaging

mouldproof packaging

flameproof packaging

waterproof packaging

rust proof packaging,rust preventive packaging

shockproof packaging

radioactive materials packaging

preservation and packaging

auxiliary packaging equipment

multi-layer packaging material

heat insulating packaging

machine for the assembly of unit load

machine for the unloading of unit load

part package

dismountable package

carrier pack,carry-home pack

collapsible package

strapping package,binding

stretch wrapping

stretch wrapping machine


shrink packaging machine

deep frozen(quick-frozen)food packagin

strip packaging

skin packaging

skin packaging machine ()

universal packaging machine

transparent package,see-throungh package

breathing packaging


test for dangerous goods package performance

dangerous articles package

hazardous substances mark

aseptic packaging

aseptic packaging(aseptic packing)

serier package

consumer package,sales package

liquid plastic-box packaging machine

rigid package

prepackaged food

transport package,shipping package

transport package

basic tests of transport package

vacuum packaging

vacuum packing

vacuum packaging machine

special packaging machine

special purpose packaging machine

brick pulp-moulded packaging machine       ()

automatic packaging machine       ()

automatic packaging line


package inspection


package reliability

package module

date of package


pack container moisture permeability

figure of packaging container

production machine of containers

package design

package examination

package life

packaging system

packaging,science of packaging

package post-press processing

package printing

package printing material

package printing process

package printing machinery

package printing matter

package printing ink

effective date of package

package modelling

package decoration

fresh-keeping packaging

package figure

open package

dustproof packaging

insect-resistant packaging

tamperproof packaging,pilferproof packaging

radiation resistant packaging

gas flushing packaging machine

gas flush packaging(gas packing)

gas packaging

unit package

multi-funtion packaging machine

multi-function packaging machine

multi-purpose packaging machine

child-resistant packaging

explosionproof packaging

water vapour proof packaging


electrostaticsproof packaging

mouldproof packaging

flameproof packaging

waterproof packaging


business words


direct t v packages

direct tv packages

hawaii vacation packages

cheap vacation packages

honeymoon packages

directv packages

all inclusive vacation packages

las vegas packages

disney world packages


time warner cable packages

comcast cable packages

cable and internet packages

travel packages

family vacation packages

hawaiian vacation packages

severance package

disneyland vacation packages

european vacation packages

comcast packages

ireland vacation packages

dish network packages

package store

disney world vacation packages

cruise packages

myrtle beach golf packages

cox internet packages

las vegas wedding packages

europe vacation packages

italy vacation packages

dish tv packages

costa rica vacation packages

how to mail a package

disney vacation packages

kitchen appliance packages

las vegas vacation packages

comcast internet packages

hawaii vacation package

internet packages

all inclusive honeymoon packages

dish t v packages

destination wedding packages

how to ship a package


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