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Brief introduction  about our  major courses

In simple terms, plant protection is the main task of plant diseases and insect pests)treatment. Like medical, only it is the plant kingdom of medicine, not only to cure the disease plants, will study related drugs, and even help plant operation.

The four categories as agriculture and the one of planting industry level 1 discipline, plant protection discipline has the obvious interdisciplinary  features, it very strong comprehensive . It and agriculture, horticulture  )crops to learn the categories and agricultural resources use such as closely related disciplines

what we learn


plant pathology

agricultural entomology

chemical protection of plants

all kinds of  chemisty


the  book  where we learn basic  of  the organization of  plants.

plant pathology

the book  where  we  learn  some  disease  from virus and germ


agricultural entomology

From the book , we could learn how injurious insect  infect the plant .

all kinds of  chemisty

1.general chemisty     (to know how biology and  chemical reagent are made up)

  1. organic chemisty (to  configure pesticides)

3.analytical chemisty(to analy data and pesticides)

4.biochemisty(how biology work)

5.experimental chemisty(do some test)


  1. Enviroment nowadays  are terrible ,thus we could cure the infected plants in earlie days.
  2. we could  save  them by spaying  pesticide  to  stop germ and virus spread.
  3. we could make our life more better, full of colorful plants.

make enviroment better

What will we do

Employment direction

(1)  research office

(2)    technician

(3)   custom and airport

(4)   ect

Interlink age

Our  major courses are closely related to national agriculture.

Generally speaking, it acts an important role on economic development.

We  should grasp it, shouldn’t we?

and specifically what I mean is  US Agricultural technology,as we know, it is advanced in the world.

So for our, we can learn something from it to improve our skills.



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