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Product quality, common use, professional terminology

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Product quality, common use, professional terminology


quality control

quality check

quality assurance

total quality control

company-wide quality assurance

accept quality level

lot size


inspection level

/          inspection

/      inspector

safety defect

critical defect

major defect

minor defect

/         passed/accept

/        rejected

MRB         material review board

A.0.D        accepted on deviation

/         reworked

sign sample


half-finished product/semi-product




sharp edge

sharp point

small part


/        bubble/blister/air bubble

short-shots / undershot


superfluities/superfluous material


flow mark / flow line

cold mark / cold streak

oil streak

splash mark

silver streaks

splay mark

silver streaks/flow line/weld line

/         sprue sticking

/         air hole

/         warping / wappage



using wrong plastic material

convex mark

/            sink mark / dent mark


pare-mark/cut mark

pare off

trim-mark / file-mark

/            black spots / black streak

stress mark / ejector mark

white mark

burn marks

/            scratch mark

/            rub-mark / brush-burn


cracking line

stress mark


()         part line misalign mend

dimension various

dull color

water mark

glossy finishing

surface / outside

inset / insert word

/        sink mark / shrinkage / shrink mark

color deviation

colour ment


dirty mark part

elecirical-painting/elbctrostatic spraying

spray / handspray

tampo / iempo

silk screen printing

/            hot stamp

vacuum plating

colour / color

colour deviation

/     underpaint/underspray/undertampo

paint tear/paint accumulation

base colour visible


orange peel paint

/            dust paint

overpaint / overspray / overhandspray

poor finishing paint

dull paint

shine colour

/        paint abrase

scratch paint

()        paint peel off

paint bubble

/ wising paint / missing spray / missing stamp

blister / water stain mark / bubble

poor repainted / touch up

poor paint / poor spray

poor tampo

tampo off position

poor multiple-printing

drawing deformation

drawing wrinkle

drawing illegible

/        over tempo

()      uneven pad print

electro plating peel off

electro plating abrade

poor hot stamp

poor hot stamp

dust / dirty / paint smear

/ carton / matser carton / shipping carton

carton marking

graphic / drawing

carton marking illegible

/  wrong carton marking / ups code

unsealed master carton

carton marking covered by non-transparent sealing tape

missing sealed

,  installed master carton individual packing easily visible

/        carrion damage / tear

soiled on carton

less than individual packing in carton

incorrect packing patio

missing date code

missing carton number

/    sate code / carton number illegible


solid pack

bulk pack

polybag pack

egg crate pack

/        assortment pack

/      colour box / print box damage

/        display box damage

/        gift box damage

/      mail box damage

/      top and botiom box damage

/      retail box damage

/      wholesale box damage

/        window box damage

/        iinner box damage

/        colour card damage

/      blister card / clamshell card

//    insert card damage


/       colour box crushed / crumple

/         missing packing part


colour box unseal / missing sealing

window box film damage

window box film stress

dent mark on window box film

/ window box film detach / poor sealing

window box film poor transparent

fold mark on box

fold mark on blister card

/            fold mark / fold line

blister card wrinkle

card delaminating

tape poor sticking

illegible printing

poor printing

date code

missing flute card

/     instructions booklet / sheet

/        story book / story sheet

wire tire / cable tire


butterfly hook

/           j-hook sticker

j-hook sticker dislocate

j-hook sticker expose

incorrect blister

incorrect blister card

inc correct polybag

poor die-cut

wrong die-cut

blister cracked / broken

/       damage / torn

/ blister poor heat sealing

blister unseal

blister detach

burn mark on blister

blister deform

blister wet

blister up-side down on card

incorrect thickness of blister used


human hair /foreign material

general aesthetic

color deviation

color mismatched

——– color migration


poor assembly

part detach

part come off

part broken

part rust

halves misalignment

screw unfasten

poor sonic weld

nest mark on part of sonic weld

part loosen

using wrong parts

wrong direction / disorients

glue mark

over glue

under glue

poor hot melting

poor heat sticking

poor heat sealing

//     oil mark / paint smear / dirty

function testing

/         drop testing

/    adhesion testing

pull test / tension test

push test / pressure test

torque test

/          drop carton test

vibration test

abuse test

/   environmental test

wet rub test

life test

heavy metals test

bent test / flexure test

fade resistance test

bite test

burst strength test

safety test

wheel stuck / wheel permanent jammed

wheel intermittently jammed

wheel wobble / wobble


small sound

sound too loud

no sound

abnormal sound

cannot free roll

/        cannot move / rotate

cannot free wheel

wheel does not land on flat surface



into non-function


poor function

cannot hold position

cannot open

cannot close

poor switching

poor switching

switch int non-function

battery spring loosen

poor contact

light bulb without light

contact plate rust

contact plate expose

contact plate came off

contact plate loosen

wire expose

wire detach

wire poor wilding

short circuit

electric leakage

circuit board damage

circuit board non-function

circuit board loosen

poor soldering

movable part


toy drop(impact)



sand abrasion

dry crocking

wet crocking

surface wash

hand wash

machine wash


over winding

sharp point std

sharp edge std

small item std

poly bag std

string std

,      torque and tension






as received



stuffing expose

Velcro detach

electric leakage

battery coil overheat

soft toy


outfit wet

outfit shrinkage

outfit fade

poor sketching

poor cutting

poor sewing

poor stitching

uneven shape

high dense stitch

low dense stitch

seam allowance expose

seam open

poor mar rowing

missing mar rowing

jumping stitches

stitching hole


outfit unfit

sewing machinery mark

poor embroidery

untrimmed thread

long loose thread

Velcro detach

sewing label loosen

materials run

materials torn

over stuffing

under stuffing

poor stuffing

stuffing disproportion

uneven stuffing

stuffing expose

pile trapped by seam

thread trapped by seam


bald spot on plush

colour migration

color mismatch

color misalignment

color deviation

bean bag toy

fabric texture mismatch

ribbon fray

materials fray

fabric fray

poor pulsing

poor brushing

hair poor cutting

poor hair styling

label peel off

poor hot stamping

grease mark


gear loose

gear smooth

impure plastic

plastic remnant

gate remnant

plastic residue

poor poto casting

pear skin

too soft

too hard

clamp mark

poor flocking

uneven wall thickness


under epoxy


electronic toy

hard toy

soft toy







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