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Tea, trade, common use, professional vocabulary

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Tea, trade, common use, professional vocabulary

1 tea bush :

2 tea harvesting

3 tea leaves

4 withering

Sun withering  indoor withering  setting  tossing

5 fermentation

6 oxidation

7 fixation

Steaming  stir fixation  baking  sunning

8 rolling

Light rolling  heavy rolling  cloth rolling

9 drying

Pan firing  baking  sunning

10 piling

11 refining

Screening  cutting  de-stemming  shaping  winnowing  blending  compressing  re-drying aging

12 added process

Roasting  scenting  spicing tea beverage

13 Packing

Vacuum packaging nitrogen packs  shredded-tea bag  leave-tea bag


According to the degree of :fermentation ,rolling, baking and tea leaf maturity :

Non-fermented :

Post fermented

Partially fermented

Complete fermentation

Steamed green tea Powered green tea

Silver needle green tea  Lightly rubbed green tea

Curled green tea  Sword shaped green tea

Twisted green tea  Pearled green tea

Age-puer : pile-fermented puer:puer

White oolong: twisted oolong:

Pelleted oolong  roasted oolong

White tipped oolong:

Unshredded black tea shredded black tea:

Scented green tea  scented puer tea

Scented oolong tea  scented black tea

Jasmine scented green tea

spiced tea,spiced green tea

White tipped oolong  wuyi rock

Green blade  yellow mountain fuzz tip

Dragon well  green spiral

Gunpower  age cake puer

Pile cake puer  jun mountain silver needle

White tip silver needle  white peony

Long brow jade dew

Robe tea  cassia tea

Narcissus  finger citron

Iron mercy goddess  osmanthus oolong

Ginseng oolong  jasmine tea

Rose bulb  gongfu black

Smoke black  roast oolong

Light oolong  anji white leaf

Liuan leaf  fenghuang unique bush

Tea powder  fine powder tea

Tea pot  tea pad  tea plate  tea pitcher

Lid saucer tea serving tray tea cup  cup saucer

Tea towel tray tea holder tea towel  tea brush

Timer  water heater water kettle  heating base Tea cart  seat cushion cup cover  packing wrap

Tea ware bag  ground pad  tea ware tray  strainer cup  Personal tea set  tea basin  brewing vessel  covered bowl  Tea spoon  tea ware  thermos

tea canister  tea urn  tea table  side table

Tea bowl  spout bowl

1 perpare tea ware  2 from still to ready position :

3 prepare water  4 warm pot:

5 prepare tea  6 recognize tea

7 appreciate tea  8 warm pitcher:

9 put in tea  10 smell fragrance

11 first infusion  12 set timer

13 warm cups  14 pour tea :

15 prepare cups  16 divide tea

17serve tea by cups  18 second infusion :

19 serve tea by pitcher:  20 supply snacks or water::

21 take out brewed leaves : 22 appreciate leaves

23 rinse pot  24 return to seat

25 rinse pitcher  26 collect cups

27 conclude


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